From the album Nothing is Sacred

Effortlessly as God made Earth, ‘Godspeed’ seems so easily produced and performed. This track is preluded by an explanation of the journey taken throughout the album and the message is to live free and enjoy what you’ve earned or experienced, Lord willing. For Deuce the payoff is the satisfaction of a successful EP and accomplishment of hard working talent. For the listener, it’s the smoothest and coolest outro one could ask for. Let the Cult release you back into your humdrum life or set this album on repeat and stay in tune with what I consider a classic. “Forgive us for our sinning and this life that we livin’. We just working with what we was given.” Deuce, my friend, your work is worth your weight in gold.

All in all, the album is worth listening to and dare I say it, something to “Tell your children” about! Be ready for Friday the 13th! Something dangerous awaits you…but this danger is worth the risk. Go get you some Cult Life and remember…Nothing is Sacred.