From the album Nothing is Sacred

This is to be the main single of the EP where Ellis looks to shine. Mario Bee helps hold this track together with the production. Using strings with cunning sound, Mario Bee’s work is complemented by Deuce bringing an “in your dreams” success story to the track. The single ‘Book of the Ded’ opens your eyes to how the Cult is living. If it don’t make sense to you, it don’t matter. You have to understand that the Cult makes up its own laws and rules. By going against the norm in his day to day, Deuce is telling you to do what you gotta do to enjoy your life and succeed. Using the Book of the Ded as a guide to life, Ellis has an image of the degenerate-despicable individual proving to remain on top, even if it means taking harsh judgement or criticism. Deuce is the leader of the Cult and if heavy lies the crown, it’s no wonder you can catch Deuce nodding to his music…don’t feel bad when you do to.