Independent Hip-Hop phenom Deuce Ellis is a head strong...

Independent Hip-Hop phenom Deuce Ellis is a head strong emcee/producer determined to leave an impact on the music game. The buzzing lyricist, poet, producer and entrepreneur has created a cult like following world wide. Deuce Ellis is prolific and compelling. His eclectic palette of musical inspiration is manifested in his dynamic sound. His thought provoking lyrics aim to inspire his apathetic generation to rise above the distractions and obstacles in their lives and fight for their own rights.
The enigmatic wordsmith is equipped with sharp lyrics, banging beats and exceptional production skills. Many are describing him as Hip Hop’s emerging artist to watch. His intense energy and undeniable flair capture his listeners. Deuce Ellis’ clever lyricism, magnetic delivery, efficient wordplay and irresistible charm have earned him acclaim among urban music aficionados internationally. (at Denver, Colorado)

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